I love coming up with ideas for our clients and bringing them to life

Sam Dyer - Associate, Brand Identity and Design

A highly experienced creative designer, Sam has a long and rich track record working with The House to create and develop inspired brand identities and campaigns that capture and express an organisation's core meaning and promise. With The House, Sam has used his creative design skills to help Curo, Touchstone Residential, St. John's Foundation, T H WHITE, the University of Bath, Gradwell Communications, Petainer, Special Olympics GB, Prima Dental and many others communicate their purpose, values and mission.

All of Sam's work demonstrates the power of how great ideas, well expressed, can have a big impact.

"On my first day of art college I was handed a copy of a design book called ‘A Smile In The Mind’ by The Partners. To this day, the fundamental principles of that book - using ideas in design to engage viewers - affect the way I work every day. Every project starts with idea generation away from a computer and that desire to create an idea really drives me to do the best possible job and come up with something original."