My passion is getting to the heart of organisations

Graham Massey - Co-Founder

My job is to make business and brand a force for good by empowering authentic leaders to create healthy, values-led cultures within their organisations.

I'm passionate about getting to the heart of organisations to create a sustainable successful business deeply rooted in its purpose. Working with leaders to develop a shared vision that engages everybody in the organisation to actively participate in creating and articulating its fundamental purpose beyond profit. A business underpinned by core values that determine what it stands for and how it behaves – its culture. I get out of bed every day to build businesses that serve others - businesses that people believe in, love to work for, buy from, and ultimately leave a lasting legacy.

Values are a crucial piece of this puzzle because they give people the power to bring purpose-led visions to life and drive business outperformance. Using my experience and training as a Barrett Values Centre CTT practitioner, I help senior leaders to determine how they want their organisations to behave - inside and out - and to harness the potential of an authentic business culture.