Building an even bigger ambition

Wiltshire Community Foundation

The Wiltshire Community Foundation raises money and distributes it to charities and individuals in order to meet local needs. Its medium-term goal is to give away £1m a year in grants. This means growing the endowment pot and attracting more grant applications.

To achieve this, the WCF needed to better articulate its story, lose some of the ‘charity jargon’ and sharpen its visual identity. Otherwise, opportunities would be missed and local needs would go unmet.

Through a series of challenging workshops, we helped the WCF to clarify its purpose: “we identify, magnify and match the need in Wiltshire”.

Creating a clear promise allowed the WCF to redefine and prioritise its work scope. It also galvanised real cultural change in the organisation, empowering all team members to get involved in fundraising.

We also refreshed the WCF’s visual assets, introducing brighter colours and a more confident identity. We designed and developed a new website that met all appropriate accessibility requirements, and followed up our initial branding work with a tone of voice workshop that equipped team members to better express the brand promise and create branded content.

The WCF has experienced a significant increase in donations, applications, local awareness and press coverage.

Photography courtesy of Sally Sargent; Natural Portrait Photography