We are now engaging a far wider audience and driving growth

Annemieke Hartman–Jemmett, Commercial Strategy Director, Petainer

Petainer is an innovative plastics packaging company that specialises in game-changing eco-friendly and commercially advantageous products. The firm needed a refreshed brand identity to support its challenging growth targets and to continue to stand out in a demanding market. We worked with the senior team to reposition Petainer’s brand around its purpose.

Rather than focusing on technical specifications and features, we brought to life how Petainer’s ingenuity helps businesses reduce impact and solve problems. We also made Petainer’s eco-efficient message more closely intertwined with the customer benefit story. Lightweight kegs, for example, help the environment by taking freight off the road – but they are also much cheaper for businesses to ship.

This core insight – that innovative and eco-friendly technology produces direct business benefit – also applies to Petainer itself. We helped Petainer implement a “ZeroWaste” initiative across its international network, using our expertise in values-led culture to foster top-to-bottom cultural change based on waste-reducing behaviours, processes and systems.

All of this was brought to life through a variety of brand executions, including a new logo, trade brochures, exhibition support, sales presentations, T-shirts and branded iPads, as well as internal branding such as signage and booklets around core workplace culture initiatives.

As a result, Petainer enjoys higher-level sales conversations, has attracted more talent and secured new joint ventures and partnerships, including partnering with a major global brewery on a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ packaging strategy.

"By focusing on our purpose, The House switched Petainer’s communications to focus on the benefit and problem-solving features of our innovative products – as opposed to technical specifications. The aim is to effectively integrate our packaging expertise into our brand owner’s business." Annemieke Hartman–Jemmett, Commercial Strategy Director, Petainer