The House helped us to be clear on our “why, how and what”.

Bath Rugby Foundation

Bath Rugby Foundation is a charitable foundation with a distinctive mission: to reach people facing key challenges in their lives, such as bereavement, unemployment or social isolation, and intervene to make a positive impact. The Foundation invited The House to help it ensure that Bath Rugby fans and local philanthropists clearly understand the role the Foundation plays and how it goes about its work.

After speaking to donors about perceptions of the Foundation’s work, we held a series of sessions with both members of the Foundation team and service users.

These sessions unearthed brilliant success stories and helped us find better ways to explain Bath Rugby Foundation’s core purpose. We also helped the Foundation articulate a set of values and behaviours to strive for.

These values were celebrated in the charity’s annual awards ceremony, which also saw the launch of an impact report that clearly communicates the difference the Foundation makes.

The report tells the personal stories of Bath Rugby Foundation’s “stars”, highlights key impact statistics and maps the charity’s future plans through a clean, bold and icon-led design.

It has proven to be a powerful tool for explaining the Foundation’s purpose and attracting fresh support and commitment from rugby fans, corporates and local philanthropists. Even some of the charity’s long-time supporters have said that only now do they now fully understand its work.

"The House helped us to be clear on our “why, how and what”: our purpose, the values and behaviours that make us remarkable and the major ways we help people at key moments in their lives. This work will inspire our growth, meaning that we can help even more people find more within themselves and go on to do more for others". Mandy Gardner, General Manager, Bath Rugby Foundation