Turned a business risk into commercial advantage

We were appointed by the Fiskars' team to help manage the multi-million brand migration from Wilkinson Sword to Fiskars garden tools. 5 years on Fiskars is now the selected premium hand tool brand for B&Q; extending distribution to include Dobbies and Tesco. The brand has gone on to dominate the ‘better and best’ range in an increasing number of major garden specialists.

The decision to switch from a household name to a relatively unknown one was a risk. The House demonstrated how the Fiskars design philosophy and brand purpose (Less Effort, More Garden) could flip the risk into commercial advantage. This confidence led to the highest ever advertising and marketing support programme by a garden hand-tool brand – this included the creation of the Orange Thumb community gardening fund in the UK.

"The House clearly defined our purpose and turned a business risk into commercial advantage." Fran Kershaw, Trade Marketing Manager, Fiskars