In my experience most clients have an itch that needs scratching

Stephen Taylor - Associate, Organisational Development and Change

Stephen is an expert at getting companies' top teams to focus on themselves and on their future.

As co-founder of several organisational development consulting firms and as former chief executive of the Leadership Centre for Local Government, Stephen has served as a board-level advisor to a dozen FTSE companies across the retail, utility, oil, consumer and banking sectors, every government department, the Bank of England, the Civil Aviation Authority, thirty local councils, as well as undertaking consulting work in 20 countries. 

"In my experience most clients have an itch that needs scratching. It might be that they are not quite sure where it is, or they do know but can’t reach it without spraining themselves. It might be an itch about things that aren’t working well, or an itch to do something new and better but it’s not quite clear what or how. My job is to help them say ‘Up a bit, left a bit, stop there….ah, yes, that’s it!’ So I think of myself as a back scratcher, helping to reach the awkward parts."