My job at The House is to get people talking

Oliver Holtaway - Head of Communications and PR

My job at The House is to get people talking. 

I believe that we are at our strongest when we act together. To do this we first have to communicate - with each other, with our clients and with the wider community. For me, communications is not about churning out ‘content’ or chasing RTs, it’s about listening, thinking, working out what you really have to contribute to the conversation and then expressing yourself clearly.

I covered the financial derivatives boom as a journalist and then helped the banks clear up the mess as a financial PR. My best work to date, however, has been for clients with a strong sense of social purpose. Working with Edelman Hong Kong, I helped Scotland position itself as a trade and investment partner for the Asia Pacific region based on its renewable energy and life sciences offering. I also helped Bank of China articulate its strategic aim of “Serving Society, Delivering Excellence”. Closer to home, I have worked with the New Cross Gate Trust to evaluate and communicate the social impact of its activities and I am closely involved in a community ownership project for Bath City FC.

In this photo I’m wearing my Bath City FC scarf. It belongs to me, but it reminds me where I belong and where I am happiest: as part of a collective, bringing individual talents and experiences to the service of a common goal.