My job at The House is to get people talking

Oliver Holtaway - Head of Communications

My job at The House is to get people talking. 

I believe that we are at our strongest when we act together. To do this we first have to communicate - with each other, with our clients and with the wider community. Communications is not about churning out ‘content’. It’s about listening, thinking, understanding where you are and working out what you really have to contribute to the conversation - and then expressing yourself clearly.

That's why I'm proud to edit Purpose magazine on behalf of The House. Purpose is a free resource for creative and inspired leaders: a platform that celebrates the great strides purposeful businesses are making, while getting to grips with the unique challenges that mission-driven leaders face when bringing personal and organisational purpose to life.

In recent years, I've also worked with a range of organisations from across the social economy to help them achieve their goals: from social enterprise startups to conservation finance platforms; from organic farming co-operatives to profit-for-purpose businesses; from ethical recruitment consultancies to community-owned football clubs. I also helped The House through the process of joining the amazing community of B Corps.

Prior to this, I worked in the corporate and financial practices of global PR agency Edelman in London and Hong Kong, as as a financial journalist.