I help leaders dare to be authentic and lead from purpose

Mandy Chooi - Associate, Leadership Development

Mandy is a global leader with broad business and cultural acumen and a focus on organisational culture, talent strategy and leadership impact. She has partnered with top leaders in Fortune 500s, including technology, professional services, manufacturing, banking and FMCG firms on their transformation journey.    

The two main tenets of her work are purpose and change. Helping organisations to be grounded in their purpose, and helping leaders dare to be authentic and lead from purpose so that they bring out the best in themselves and others. And change; building capabilities that position the organisation to innovate, respond with agility and stay a step ahead.   
A management consultant, executive coach and speaker based in Amsterdam, Mandy helps leaders build purpose-led organisations and design and implement their transformation journeys, focusing on culture, employee experience, and leadership.  
With 20 years in global leadership roles and having lived in the US, Europe and Asia, Mandy created and implemented bespoke talent strategies that underscore a high performance culture in complex, high stakes environments where true re-invention is the path to continued relevance.

"As a business, your purpose has to live in soil where it can grow. This means building an environment where people genuinely have opportunities to make decisions based on purpose."