True purpose creates clarity, simplicity and something everyone can unite around

Claire Lockton - Project Manager

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. I’m just at the start of my journey with The House and can already see uncanny parallels between my areas of expertise in project management and my own life pursuits and how having purpose can guide your end goals, which has huge advantages.

The most successful projects, whether they be large IT infrastructure projects, complex promotional events, public relations challenges or helping to set up a business, occur when there is a clear, unambiguous direction which creates and drives momentum towards an end.

Projects often flounder at the start or in the middle because they lack purpose and the direction is not clear. This often leads to projects failing because people lose direction - or worse, lose interest. With a clear purpose, you have no reason to fear this.

In my personal life having a tough end goal inspired me to cycle 500 miles across Ireland for the Bath Rugby Foundation in 2016. This was achieved with less than 10 weeks training and despite not having owned a bike for over ten years. Cycling may seem like a simple metaphor, but true purpose can create that simplicity. It got me to the end knowing I was doing something special for a wonderful organisation. I am proud to say that I and 60 others saw it to the bitter end, through wind, rain and many overwhelming hills.

Purpose creates advantage for me because it gives us clarity and something that everyone can unite around to acheive success, in whatever form.